The Drunken Yarn

Trash to couture is at it again with this super cute tank top (I may have a bit of a crafty crush on her, don’t judge me! I mean she even has accompanying videos for most of her projects.) Anyways this is definitely way more interesting than the plain tank top it started out as. So get to zipping.

What What?! Look at this necklace. Made entirely by a meter of zipper, some glue and thread to hold it together, and a big ass rhinestone (and a clasp but that was self explanatory, yeah?)

Its pretty simple to do and has a big impact on whatever you’re wearing.

The zipper neckline on this tee is definitely an interesting twist and it’s an easy day to night transition shirt. You can make it out of an old tee or even just a yard of jersey fabric. I think I would try this with a neon zipper, but the black and gold with the greige looks pretty tempting.