The Drunken Yarn

I’m a huge fan off BBC’s Sherlock. I even made Bear a fan. And Bear will even admit that Benedict Cumberbatch is somewhat decent looking in the facial area when he’s moving. (He’s a man-creature, I plead with you Cumberbitches please don’t sacrifice him to the Cumbergods for his indiscretions. He doesn’t know any better.)

But while the only thing I’ve ever crocheted are tiny wings for Cthulhu baby booties I will have to expand my stitching repertoire to make these little cuties by Retsnimel.

Tutorial for Sherlock.

Tutorial for John.

 This picture shows the yarn bomb of South African artist and knitter Isabeau Joubert on fellow artist Brett Murray’s statue entitled “Africa” in St. George’s Mall. This yarn bomb was Joubert’s way of showing support to Murray as earlier that month the release of Murray’s painting “The Spear” (NSFW), depicting South African President Jacob Zuma with the same posture and coloring as early 20th century Lenin propaganda (NSFW) but naked from the waist down exposing his genitals. The painting had sparked much controversy and even led to legal action against Murray by the African National Congress, of which Zuma is also president, for abusing his freedom of artistic expression, violating the constitution and defamation, however the charges were recently dropped.

 The painting, which was vandalized last Tuesday, was given an N16 rating by South Africa’s Film and Publication Board meaning that youths under the age of 16 would not be permitted to view the artwork unless approval was granted. The FPB found that Murray’s work in this case was different from other nude artwork because his “artwork has forced society to revisit its painful history.” A history that includes President Zumas 2005 rape charges as well as a promiscuous lifestyle that has led to 20 alleged children so far.

 According to Joubert, Murray’s “Africa” statue was met with much resistance when it was first erected in 2000 but is now an accepted and appreciated piece of art. Joubert’s yarnbomb included brightly colored beanies for each of the Bart Simpson heads and a scarf for Africa. Joubert stated that this act was to do “something small” in support of Murray for his contribution to his community through art.


The “Philadelphia Yarn bomber” Jessie Hemmons gives the Perelman Building a crafty new look to celebrate this weekend’s opening of Craft Spoken Here. YARN BOMBS AWAY!

In-kind support for the yarnbombing project is provided by Lion Brand Yarn.