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DIY Floral Sneakers Tutorial from Always Rooney. I’ve written contantly on this blog about tee shirt transfer iron on paper - you print it, cut it and iron it on. I have used tee shirt transfer paper on countless shirts, bags, fabric etc… and the transfers hold up beautifully wash after wash.

For more DIYs using tee shirt transfer paper go here:

DIY Inspiration: Bird Applique on the back of a blouse or sweater using tee shirt transfer paper. 


(via ..Twigg studios: crepe paper anemones tutorial)

Prettiness and super easy Chevron Bangle from Yellow Blackbird.

DIY Stitched Wooden Pendant Necklace. Unfortunately you can only order the pendant templates online but they have so many possibilities why wouldn’t you?


(via Tutorial: How to turn Google map images into throw cushions - Spoonflower blog)

You could also do this with GoogleMars my fellow space cadets!

Added note, I agree with screamingdustspecks, it could be a very very creepy craft in the wrong hands. So no doing this of your crush’s (stalkee’s) house on your nightly pillowcase! Although telling you not to do it may have just given you ideas…

Yet another Trash to Couture DIY. The Victorian Print short! Even though (or maybe especially since) this project doesn’t have a pattern this is still not a beginner project due to the possible addition of a zipper and pockets. You could always adjust and have an elastic band but I personally think a zipper always looks better.

I was tired of seeing chalkboard pain in only black, white and green so I’m pretty excited that this tutorial came out. You can make any spot on your wall an inconspicuous chalkboard. Well… you may want to make it a little conspicuous so you don’t get chalk on your real walls, but you’re picking up what I’m throwing down.

Here are some more ideas for your custom paint from the one and only Martha.

I always like a tutorial where I save a ton of money for something that looks really great and is super easy to make with a bit of guidance. Hence the love for this braided scarf tutorial by Put Up Your Dukes.

What What?! Look at this necklace. Made entirely by a meter of zipper, some glue and thread to hold it together, and a big ass rhinestone (and a clasp but that was self explanatory, yeah?)

Its pretty simple to do and has a big impact on whatever you’re wearing.

So! Purl Bee has done it again in the tutorial department. Here is a step by step with pictures “How to make a pair of socks.” I’m pretty excited about this because I have a pair of socks I’ve been making for Bear for a year and a half now. I have 3 inches on the cuff (year and a half with some gaps…)

My friend was teaching a sock class and I obviously didn’t get to the heel by the time the class had concluded so she said “Don’t worry, when you get to it, I’ll be here to show you how to do it.” AND THEN SHE MOVED! And then I moved and now my little ankle cuff sits all alone. But now! This tutorial has given me the strength, They make it look so easy!