The Drunken Yarn


From Corinne’s Thread, on The Purl Bee:

Free sewing pattern and easy to follow tutorial for these sweet gym shorts, in ten different child & adult sizes! 

Using only 1/2 to 3/4 yard of two different fabrics, this is a great stash busting project.

I am totally going to sew me up some pretty pajama bottoms!


DIY Fabric Flowers


Felt Piggy Banks via Dream a Little Bigger

Tatertots and Jello this Sunday with a Anthropology knockoff. Stick it to the hipsters with this way cheap, way easy, way cute nautical rope necklace. I’m going to JoAnn’s later today anyways so I may be picking up some supplies!


(via Tutorial: How to turn Google map images into throw cushions - Spoonflower blog)

You could also do this with GoogleMars my fellow space cadets!

Added note, I agree with screamingdustspecks, it could be a very very creepy craft in the wrong hands. So no doing this of your crush’s (stalkee’s) house on your nightly pillowcase! Although telling you not to do it may have just given you ideas…

Yet another Trash to Couture DIY. The Victorian Print short! Even though (or maybe especially since) this project doesn’t have a pattern this is still not a beginner project due to the possible addition of a zipper and pockets. You could always adjust and have an elastic band but I personally think a zipper always looks better.

I always like a tutorial where I save a ton of money for something that looks really great and is super easy to make with a bit of guidance. Hence the love for this braided scarf tutorial by Put Up Your Dukes.

So I know what you’re thinking, “Seriously with the sweatshirts? It’s July!” to which I say suck my d this sweatshirt is adorable. You know where its cold? Movie theaters. Camping at night. Restaurants. Ice cream shops. The freezer section of the grocers.

All cases where you would say, “Man, I wish I had some sort of cute coverup that I could tell people I made.” So there!

Normally I can’t wear blazers, I’m too top heavy, but I could totally wear one like this if it was kept open and was all super cute and such.

I have an intense love for Dolman sleeves. I’m making 50 of these, brb.