The Drunken Yarn

Cthulhu booties for my baby cousin.
More like Cutie-lhu! Amiright?
I’ll just go now..

So for some reason this theme deactivates all my click through links on pictures. I will try and harness what little I know about this internet coding stuff and get it figured out but until then bear with me until I can get it all sorted. Sorry!

I was creative today!

I took a hiatus from knitting the dragon to make some of those snake bracelets which have become pretty popular on this thing, actually getting more notes than anything I’ve ever put on here. Even the knitted Sherlock amigurumi patterns. Which are a pretty big deal.

Only difference: for some reason I can’t find any cheap rubber snakes of the appropriate size ANYWHERE in Colorado so my snake bits are made of clay. But they’re still pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

It is however 1 am my time so I will be going to bed but I’ll put up some pictures tomorrow. Then I may do a give-away or sell them but I really don’t need this many so some of them will be leaving my possession in some fashion.

Did I mention that some of them double as necklaces? Whoa, curveball!

I’ve become entirely too addicted to instagram. You should be very thankful that there was an error when I tried to connect it with tumblr; otherwise it’d be all instagrams all the time. All the instagrams!


So of course as soon as a get a cool idea and get organized with it I subsequently get lazy and procrastinate. I didn’t put anything on a queue so there will be a 2 week hiatus while I’m overseas and only have a broken smartphone and unreliable WiFi to get on here. To make it up to you though there will be a flood of fun new stuff when I get back starting June 1st (maybe June 2 with the jetlag and all.)

New Stuff!

Ok, so now that finals are over and I no longer have to do research next week is going to be full of new and fun and most importantly actually organized stuff. I’ve already got some stuff lined up in the queue and would definitely appreciate some feed back in the following weeks about any ways I can improve the new DrunkenYarn.

So, I’m getting back in to working out, and first I was like, “Oh no! I’m getting serious about this, logic tells me I need to cut down on the booze…”

And then I read this: “According to a study by researchers at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen at Klinikum rechts der Isar, the compounds found in non-alcoholic beer (and alcoholic beer…) play a part in recovery and illness prevention in athletes.”

And I was like Fuck yea Mutha Fuckahhh

Eff You LOGIC! Bring on the BreckBrew Agave Wheat: Nectar of the ever loving gods!

You will bow!


I’m pretty sure my biggest fear is walking out of the bathroom at a bar with toilet paper on my shoe.

I’m pretty sure my biggest fear is walking out of the bathroom at a bar with out my pants. But to each their own.

Friend AW: I just read "The Domino's online pizza tracker is not working. Now I don't know when to put my pants on." It reminded me of you.
Me: As it should.

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow batter. Surprisingly not a gay joke...  Baked Rainbow Layers  

Strawberry soda pink frosting  Rainbow cake sans icing.  

Look at it. Look at the deliciousness.

   Rainbow layer cake with pink strawberry soda icing. The cake recipe was taken from Whisk Kid and we originally attempted to make the icing on the recipe but due to certain circumstances (see: drunkeness) it didn’t work. So I adapted my Grandma MJ’s Coca-Cola cake icing recipe (I’m so southern I bleed butter) with strawberry Fanta making a light pink colored icing with a sweet strawberry taste.

Commence drooling food coma…. now.