The Drunken Yarn

If you have the available power tools this project looks too legit to quit. You can make rock charms for anything. Necklaces, bracelets, gift tags, beer/wine charms, stitch markers, etc. etc. I won’t do all the creative work for you, jeez.

Due to the use of power tools this is not a drunken project.

DIY Stitched Wooden Pendant Necklace. Unfortunately you can only order the pendant templates online but they have so many possibilities why wouldn’t you?

Tatertots and Jello this Sunday with a Anthropology knockoff. Stick it to the hipsters with this way cheap, way easy, way cute nautical rope necklace. I’m going to JoAnn’s later today anyways so I may be picking up some supplies!

What What?! Look at this necklace. Made entirely by a meter of zipper, some glue and thread to hold it together, and a big ass rhinestone (and a clasp but that was self explanatory, yeah?)

Its pretty simple to do and has a big impact on whatever you’re wearing.

DIY Shrink wrap pendants from How About Orange. Easy to make any type of charm with these you don’t need to keep it typographical. You don’t have to keep them white either, just draw on the shrink wrap, bake it and the drawing will come out on the shrink wrap just a third-ish the size. But if you use sharpies or colored pencils realize that the baking and shrinking process will make the colors much darker. Have at it.

(PS: The use of scissors and ovens causes this to not be a drunk project, the burn marks on my arms are proof, drunk+ovens=lifelong scars on your wrist that cause people to act funny when the notice them until you say “Oh no! I wasn’t trying to kill myself! I just make bad life choices.)

This J. Crew inspired necklace is way easier to make than it looks, and the nature of the lace edged bezel settings makes for almost endless possibilities. To make it more bib like or less, asymmetrical or not, however you want to go on this one.

The fashion Tumblr Wantering posted an ombre version by Ily Couture, you can see it here.

Quite possibly the easiest and most “No way, really?” DIY project I’ve ever seen. No one usually thinks straws + shoelace + spraypaint= fashion but there we have it.

So Kara from Sprinkles in Springs made this colorful Tom Binns inspired piece by nail polishing over some costume jewelry. She used nail polish for the opacity but you could also use sharpies if you would prefer the tinted stone look. She bought this piece specifically for this project on ebay for $15 but you could just as easily (if you’re me at least) find some jewelry in your own stash and paint it up nice.

So it’s a bit hard to see in the picture but today’s Fri-DIY is a tiny bottle cluster necklace from Sincerely, Kinsey. It’s almost infinitely customizable, you choose what you want in the bottles and even the size and shape of the bottles, surprisingly it seems like the smaller the bottle the more expensive up to a point so watch out there, check the quantities!

(also, could be a drunken project, just throwing it out there)