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10 Pretty, Textured, & Free Sock Patterns

I’m daydreaming about when I’ll be done with my afghan for my friend’s wedding and can knit whatever I want again.  Here’s a medley of delightful and charming sock patterns that I’ve been looking at to tide myself over until then:



Hermione’s Everyday Socks




Simple Skyp Socks

Broken Seed Stitch Socks

Leyburn Socks

Owlie Socks


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Knitting is the Bane of his inner turmoil.


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So this new “Call me Maybe” parody is 12 kinds of awful, but it’s about knitting and crocheting, so we’ll forgive that.

And there’s man creatures!


My mind is blown.

The sweater and gloves Coraline wears are actually hand-knitted by this woman.

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so much want, i can’t.

Why is there no pattern for these on Ravelry?!


Tree of Gondor Scarf Pattern

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Oh No Face, you get me every time…



Was so sad to hear about this at knitting yesterday…

As you can see, Debenhams have ripped off the gorgeous o w l jumper, designed by Kate Davies. This is the best thing that I have ever knitted and I could not recommend the pattern enough. It’s actually quite a skill that Debenhams have managed to make it look so hideous. Well done them.

If you love the o w l jumper and would like to own one then I urge you to have a go at knitting it yourself. The pattern is easy to follow and it really is a quick knit…even if you aren’t that confident a knitter. TRY IT! I used an inexpensive yarn (the whole thing cost less than £15) and it still looks gorgeous.

For more on this story, pop over to Kate’s blog. You can also BUY THE PATTERN and browse the other lovely designs on offer (I can definitely see the Tortoise and Hare Sweater in my knitting future).


So! Purl Bee has done it again in the tutorial department. Here is a step by step with pictures “How to make a pair of socks.” I’m pretty excited about this because I have a pair of socks I’ve been making for Bear for a year and a half now. I have 3 inches on the cuff (year and a half with some gaps…)

My friend was teaching a sock class and I obviously didn’t get to the heel by the time the class had concluded so she said “Don’t worry, when you get to it, I’ll be here to show you how to do it.” AND THEN SHE MOVED! And then I moved and now my little ankle cuff sits all alone. But now! This tutorial has given me the strength, They make it look so easy!