The Drunken Yarn

Prettiness and super easy Chevron Bangle from Yellow Blackbird.

DIY Stitched Wooden Pendant Necklace. Unfortunately you can only order the pendant templates online but they have so many possibilities why wouldn’t you?

Yet another Trash to Couture DIY. The Victorian Print short! Even though (or maybe especially since) this project doesn’t have a pattern this is still not a beginner project due to the possible addition of a zipper and pockets. You could always adjust and have an elastic band but I personally think a zipper always looks better.

I was tired of seeing chalkboard pain in only black, white and green so I’m pretty excited that this tutorial came out. You can make any spot on your wall an inconspicuous chalkboard. Well… you may want to make it a little conspicuous so you don’t get chalk on your real walls, but you’re picking up what I’m throwing down.

Here are some more ideas for your custom paint from the one and only Martha.

I always like a tutorial where I save a ton of money for something that looks really great and is super easy to make with a bit of guidance. Hence the love for this braided scarf tutorial by Put Up Your Dukes.

What What?! Look at this necklace. Made entirely by a meter of zipper, some glue and thread to hold it together, and a big ass rhinestone (and a clasp but that was self explanatory, yeah?)

Its pretty simple to do and has a big impact on whatever you’re wearing.

The zipper neckline on this tee is definitely an interesting twist and it’s an easy day to night transition shirt. You can make it out of an old tee or even just a yard of jersey fabric. I think I would try this with a neon zipper, but the black and gold with the greige looks pretty tempting.

Purl Bee laid out a pretty straightforward approach to designing your own fair isle pattern with only graph paper and your imaginarium. One thing I must add, if you use square graph paper your patterns will not look right (experience talking) so they helpfully give you a knitting adapted graph sheet.

Use it.

If you’re having some difficulty with color inspiration check out this website for all kinds of original color pallets. My personal favorites are “earth and sky” and "Moldy Jam".

Augh! This is so cool! And looks way better than that weird “tie your shirt this way to make your boyfriends shirt into a dress or skirt” thing… As long as your boyfriend doesn’t want his shirt back. For her particular skirt she didn’t use any darts or anything and it’s just the fabric from a medium sized men’s shirt she got at Good Will. Look for a shirt that will button around you at the hips and you’ve picked a winner.

Bear has a shirt with the nastiest stains in the collar but the rest of it is fine, I may use that one once I get my sewing machine up and running.

Big fan of the customizability (it’s a word now, don’t hate) of this bracelet. Want an ombre effect? Get a gradient of beads. Want neon? Get some lime green cord and hot pink beads. Can’t find any? Spray paint them (outside!) Think it’s too big for your petite feminine wrist? Get bugle beads and thread instead and never complain to me about that again.