The Drunken Yarn

So this is one of my personal favorite people Felicia Day (from everything nerdy requiring an actual nerdy girl ever) ((BECAUSE YOU DON”T FUCKING COUNT OLIVIA MUNN!)) (Sorry, had to let that out) learning how to crochet with sci-fi hunk Colin Ferguson (from Eureka.) And while I still believe chrochet is the devil’s fibercraft I have come to terms with the fact that I must cross over to the dark side to make adorable stuffed animals for all the babies my friends and family will be having soon (Because this dragon is taking me for freaking ever to knit and even though I don’t like how it’s turning out I’m past the point of no return on this damn thing and it’s getting finished whether either of us likes it or not.) Anywho, Felicia Day, crochet, not croquet and Colin Ferguson.

     So the US Olympic Committee (USOC) Public Affairs Officer Patrick Sandusky (what an unfortunate last name to have in this circumstance…) has issued an apology for the cease and desist written to the Ravelry group “Ravelympics 2012”. He states it was a “standard form cease and desist letter” and to show the Olympics support of the Ravelry community they would accept any handmade items to motivate the athletes.

     Since when does a “standard cease and desist” tell the offenders that by using their artistic talents they are “denigrating” others’ physical talents? And since when is it a good plan to insult a large group of people, rile them so much you have to submit a public apology, and then in your apology ask for free shit from the people you insulted? Since when does the USOC hire someone (cough, Brett Hirsch, the author of the cease and desist) to make a fake Ravelry account so they can search the patterns to find any violating Olympic copyright and ask them to be removed?

     So I’m supposed to feel totally cool about my skills being insulted, send you my Olympic themed handiwork to motivate people whose skills are apparently more important and far less insulting than mine, and then not show my friends on Ravelry what I’ve made because that infringes your copyright?

     (Does anyone else feel slightly more pissed that this copyright business was all started because the USOC didn’t want to be associated with the Gay Olympics now known as the Gay Games which was founded by Dr. Tom Waddell, a former Olympic physician? It’s not anything negative either, it’s just a sports contest organized by and for homosexuals.)

     The Ravelympics was supposed to be a friendly worldwide competition highlighting artistic talent and speed through fibercrafts and the fact that it was ever construed as denigrating to the efforts of the competing athletes is insulting and frankly denigrating on the part of the USOC.