The Drunken Yarn


nice way to spruce up those candles you got for christmas


(via Tutorial: How to turn Google map images into throw cushions - Spoonflower blog)

You could also do this with GoogleMars my fellow space cadets!

Added note, I agree with screamingdustspecks, it could be a very very creepy craft in the wrong hands. So no doing this of your crush’s (stalkee’s) house on your nightly pillowcase! Although telling you not to do it may have just given you ideas…

Darth Vader finger puppet! Ah-dorbs. So Cat on a Limb doesn’t reallllllly show you how to do it, but I believe in you. You can figure it out. Use the force!

How-To: No-Carve Stamps

Ever wonder about the possibilities of designing your own stamps without having to carve anything? There is a simple way! You’ll need one ordinary household object - silicone caulking. Yes, the one you use on your bathtub, sinks, and windows!

With no carving to do at all, this task cannot be simpler. And the result? Clear stamps just like ones you buy at the craft stores, but made in any design and pattern you want, in any size. Here, I made some stamps in the style of vintage botanical designs, for summer.

Quite possibly the easiest and most “No way, really?” DIY project I’ve ever seen. No one usually thinks straws + shoelace + spraypaint= fashion but there we have it.

Super cool snake bracelet DIY by Studs and Pearls! I personally would have made it out of snake chunks for a whole “Don’t tread on me” vibe but thats the fun with DIY, you do it however the hell you want.

DIY Lace-Embellished Shorts

So the Queen of the Underground was inspired by a plethora of Pinterest posts and came up with this DIY. BRB: going to buy lace right meow…

Big fan of the customizability (it’s a word now, don’t hate) of this bracelet. Want an ombre effect? Get a gradient of beads. Want neon? Get some lime green cord and hot pink beads. Can’t find any? Spray paint them (outside!) Think it’s too big for your petite feminine wrist? Get bugle beads and thread instead and never complain to me about that again.

So Kara from Sprinkles in Springs made this colorful Tom Binns inspired piece by nail polishing over some costume jewelry. She used nail polish for the opacity but you could also use sharpies if you would prefer the tinted stone look. She bought this piece specifically for this project on ebay for $15 but you could just as easily (if you’re me at least) find some jewelry in your own stash and paint it up nice.

So I have recently replaced three burnt out lightbulbs in my dining area. I had to, there was only one light bulb left and it died.

It’s so much brighter in there now, I feel like a freaking vampire walking in there because I’m not used to the bulb.. the bulb with the powah! (sorry, my David Bowie got out there a bit) anywho if I didn’t kill every chlorophyll based life form in my life I might consider trying this.

But I do, so I won’t.

But you can! Have fun.

EDIT: So the link to the full instructions from this website is 404ed, but I’m sure you can still figure it out. If not message me I’ll give you a run down.