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DIY Floral Sneakers Tutorial from Always Rooney. I’ve written contantly on this blog about tee shirt transfer iron on paper - you print it, cut it and iron it on. I have used tee shirt transfer paper on countless shirts, bags, fabric etc… and the transfers hold up beautifully wash after wash.

For more DIYs using tee shirt transfer paper go here:

DIY Inspiration: Bird Applique on the back of a blouse or sweater using tee shirt transfer paper. 

So I’m not quite sure why but I’m obsessed with these studded high-tops from love u madly. The shoes (plain, sans stud) are $25 from H&M and come in 4 colors and I think I may just make a special trip and try to buy a pair tomorrow to do this.

Because this is fantastic.

Well this is a godsend because my gigantic boobs were feeling left out with all this low-backed fashion. Super easy tutorial on how to make your bra low backed and plus(!) it won’t ruin any of your bras and is super cheap and fast.

Jean shorts with polka dots. Jorts are my summer uniform and I think people are starting to think I wear the same pair every day. I need to do something like this to be like hey! I swear I don’t live in filth! Ok, well that’s a lie, I totally do, but I change my shorts on occasion!

Yet another Trash to Couture DIY. The Victorian Print short! Even though (or maybe especially since) this project doesn’t have a pattern this is still not a beginner project due to the possible addition of a zipper and pockets. You could always adjust and have an elastic band but I personally think a zipper always looks better.

So I know what you’re thinking, “Seriously with the sweatshirts? It’s July!” to which I say suck my d this sweatshirt is adorable. You know where its cold? Movie theaters. Camping at night. Restaurants. Ice cream shops. The freezer section of the grocers.

All cases where you would say, “Man, I wish I had some sort of cute coverup that I could tell people I made.” So there!

Back with my crush Trash to Couture with a basket weave backed sweatshirt. Unfortunately I already went through a sweatshirt purge and now only have left the sweatshirts I want to keep but that’s why there are superstores with $5 sweatshirts.

Normally I can’t wear blazers, I’m too top heavy, but I could totally wear one like this if it was kept open and was all super cute and such.

Easy and cool way to dress up your lounge clothes so you aren’t totally ashamed to walk outside and get the mail/paper/walk the dog/etc.

Of all the ombre dip dyeing methods I think this is the technique that yeilds the most gradual ombre-ish results. If you think you have a better one, drop it in my ask, I’d like to know.