The Drunken Yarn


lace installations along the Baltic Sea by NeSpoon

Jean shorts with polka dots. Jorts are my summer uniform and I think people are starting to think I wear the same pair every day. I need to do something like this to be like hey! I swear I don’t live in filth! Ok, well that’s a lie, I totally do, but I change my shorts on occasion!

Prettiness and super easy Chevron Bangle from Yellow Blackbird.

Yet another Trash to Couture DIY. The Victorian Print short! Even though (or maybe especially since) this project doesn’t have a pattern this is still not a beginner project due to the possible addition of a zipper and pockets. You could always adjust and have an elastic band but I personally think a zipper always looks better.

For this How To-sday I recommend you stop whatever you’re doing, go to your local fabric shop (from now on to be known as lfs because I’m lazy and used to knitting terms. ) and pic up a light cotton that still has some gumption and make this Twisted Skirt from Burda Style.

It’s one of those that looks not so good on the rack but great in execution and it’s a novice pattern perfect for summer. So get on it!