The Drunken Yarn

So I currently live within reasonable walking distance to a Chipotle. This is a big first for me. I really enjoyed Chipotle at my parents’ place but you had to drive to get there and I’m extra lazy when I’m back at my parents’ and plus, they pick the meals. Then at my small college there was one 15 minutes away in another college town, but it was a college town of a state university. When there’s only Chipotle in an hour and a half radius for two universities (meaning 35,000 undergrads alone and this isn’t counting locals and the community college) no one is ever getting a burrito, ever.

So now I have this at my fingertips, but I understand and care for those who may not and to prove this here is a recipe for the rice from Chipotle! On the rice recipe page there is also barbacoa beef and pork, as well as pork carnitas and chicken ropa veija. Disfrutáis!

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