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Hand Stamped Scarf by Michelle


Hand Stamped Scarf by Michelle

Dear drunkenyarnigans!

I apologize for being gone for so long, a symptom of depression is forgoing things you enjoy and this blog happened to be one of those things. But I’m working through that now and have fun stuff lined up, question for you though:

I have (in my depression) liked a fuckton of recipes on this site, would you want one of the most epic recipe dumps of all time or should I create a dedicated food blog?

I’ve been thinking about doing a food blog for a while, but again, very little motivation to do so.

If this post gets no responses I’ll have to make the decision on my own and I’m really indecisive you guys… help a sister out?


ACB: Hellequin Mask Tutorialby jugsyjinx

This mask is technically for the Assassin’s Creed character Helliquin, but I figured with Halloween coming up, these techniques could be used to make a similar mask to fancy up a dress or suit for a simple and classy masquerade costume.

Or cosplay Helliquin for Halloween, y’all just do you.


Marble Jade Earrings and Pendant via A Beautiful Mess

This is way easy and would make for quick jewelry sets to give at Christmas as gifts.

For a bracelet make a medium sized ball and instead of having the wire loop on one side, have it on two opposite sides and attach chain to it. You could have more than one ball to even out the weight a bit too.

To help these pendants last, bend the wire and push it in the clay tip first and then curve it a bit. It’s a bit difficult to write out a good description but it will really help anchor the wire so the clay ball doesn’t fall off your smooth straight wire due to gravity and wear.

DIY Tattoo Tights/Stockings Tutorial


Sorry for not posting often! :( But as promised, here’s another easy DIY tutorial! :) I’ve been seeing this trend for quite sometime now and I think it really looks cute ! I’ll be teaching you how to transfer your design/drawing on to your stockings. If you want to use a design…



Dip-Dyed Shoes


With winter coming canvas shoes may not be an option for some, but where I am we are having an unusually warm fall. Keep summer going with some brightly colored shoes or make super quick Christmas gifts which can be customized to each person’s favorite color.

Using what I know from other tutorials you may be able to use glue as cheaty-batiking to write or draw on the shoes as well, but don’t take my word as law on that one.


Cozy Square Top via Babble

This easy DIY will keep so cozy, you won’t want to take it off.

With winter coming up, this is a perfect solution for the lazy sewer (aka: me)

One tip, if you get a fabric that frays, hem that bitch! Hem both the sides before you sew the sides together that way your sleeves will be pre-hemmed.

If you’re going to cuff it like she does go for the double hem (this is where an iron is your friend, and where reading the ironing instructions for your fabric is very important). The double hem is way cleaner and covers all raw edges.

You can also use contrasting thread for a subtle pop. Happy sewing!


Bright Paper Party Chandeliers via A Subtle Revelry

For this diy they suggest cutting out the four jutty-outty bits (technical crafting term © drunkenyarn) but honestly I think it’d be easier to fold the paper in half to trace and cut the template. Then, when you have two full chandelier pieces, glue along the folds (with the hangy-stringy piece in there too, Also © drunkenyarn) and tada! Less cutting, less glue, less frustration, but just as cute!

Also, drag queen it up and dump glitter all over that shit, or just on the flames, glam it up. Double cute and sparkly!